Dale McGinnis for BOD 2020

I have lived in Lake Forest since June 2017. I am semi retired, currently working as a facilities maintanence assistant at Faith, Family, Fellowship church in Spanish Fort where I am also a deacon.  In my career I have had extensive experience dealing with government regulations, specifically the regulations for shipping hazardous materials, including training and certifiying others to handle and ship hazardous materials. I have also worked as material control at a precious metals reclaimer. I kept all the production records which included balancing the books insuring that each production runs output matched its input. I was also responsible for the accuracy of the million plus dollar inventory in the vault.

I believe Lake Forest has a lot to offer, but currently the dues are too high and there is an adversarial relationship between the board and the residents, with the board trying to restrict access to the residents of the financials and even the decision process of the board. I believe the dues should be reduced and there should be as much transparency as legally possible and that the residents should be allowed input and to participate in the various committees. I wish to serve on the board to try and end the adversarial attitude and elicit resident participation in the direction this community goes.

My Goals for Lake Forest

  • LFPOA should opt in to the Alabama Homeowners’ Association Act, and post financials on the Lake Forest POA website. I will encourage the board to do this.
  • Dues increases should be controlled by the residents because it is their money. If I am elected to the board I will never forget that.
  • Bylaws changes should be voted on by the residents. I am committed to cleaning up the unintended consequences of patchwork rewriting, and returning control of the bylaws to the membership.
  • Trust in the board will only be restored when the board represents and serves the community. I will always listen to you, give serious consideration to your ideas and answer all your questions as fully as I am able.
  • The lake is a great resource for our community, and its restoration is important for all residents who are interested in kayaking and canoeing.
  • The Yacht Club has not been properly maintained. A business case study should be commissioned to include a plan to achieve profitability. Results and options should be presented to the general membership for a decision on its fate.
  • There should be a study and plan for the future of the Golf Course. Results and options should be presented to the general membership for a decision on its fate.
  • All committees should be allowed representation from non-board members in the community. Committee meetings should be open to residents and minutes should be posted on the POA website.
  • The 19th Hole should be repaired and/or renovated from accumulated reserve funds.
  • A strategic plan should be adopted to insure that facilities maintenance is scheduled in a timely manner to prevent future disrepair.

If you don’t/didn’t get chance to meet me at the Yacht Club, please take a few minutes to read a little bit more about me and my thoughts about the Lake Forest POA.

Dale McGinnis

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