Date of April Stated Meeting

At the Annual Meeting on March 18th there was an announcement made, after the meeting had adjourned and people were leaving, that the April Stated Meeting would be held on April 11th.

By-law 3.4 states:

Notice of Meeting.  Except as required by statute or bylaws, notice of each meeting of the members, whether annual or stated, shall be given at least thirty (30) days before the day on which the meeting is to be held.  Notice may be given by email at the last known email address of the member.  Written notice of said meeting shall be deemed completed by mailing a copy of the Lake Forester, or similar publication, containing a written notification of said meeting to the last know address of the member.

March 18th to April 11th is 24 days.

Making an announcement after the adjournment of a meeting of less than 200 members could not be considered a good faith effort to notify the membership.

I couldn’t hear clearly but was told later that the reason for changing the meeting was due to Spring Break.  I didn’t know Spring Break was a legal holiday, but even so by-law 6.6 states:

Stated Meetings:  The Board of Directors shall hold one scheduled meeting per month on the Third Thursday of each month at 7pm.  The Board of Directors may, by resolution adopted by resolution of the majority of the whole board, from time to time, appoint the time and place of the holding of these meetings of the board.  Such stated meetings shall be held at the time and place so appointed without giving special notice with regards thereto.  In case the day appointed for the stated meeting shall fall on a legal holiday such meeting shall be held on the next following day, not a legal holiday at the regular appointed hour.

According to multiple sources, Spring Break is not a Federal or Alabama State holiday.  If it was regarded as such by the board then the “next following day” would be Friday April 19th (Good Friday is not a Federal or State holiday either).

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