I’m a Complainer, and Proud..!

The following was originally posted in the LFHOG Facebook group and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the author, Jesse Oswalt.

I want to go on record. I am extremely appreciative of the Home Owners Group. Not only for their assistance with my candidacy for election to the Board but, for all the countless hours dedicated to gathering and disseminating facts about the operations of the Lake Forest Property Owners Association.

We have been labeled as “Complainers”. I, for one, will gladly accept that label and proudly display it as a badge of honor.

They are right, we complain:

  • We complain when our rights to vote on matters concerning the operations of the Association are taken away from us;
  • We complain when all portals of having our questions answered are eliminated;
  • We complain when our dues are used to subsidize amenities losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year;
  • We complain when we see underground meetings held to conduct the Association’s business;
  • We complain when we see the Board blatantly ignore the Covenants, Bylaws, and State laws;
  • We complain when we are told by Board Members that the LFPOA is not a democracy and they will do what they want, not what the Property Owners want;
  • We complain that the Annual Meeting of the Members isn’t really a meeting of the members and that members will not be allowed input to the agenda or to introduce business before the Board of Directors nor the Members of the Association.

The list of actions taken by this board to trample the right of the Property Owners is exhausting. For once the Board has it right. We are Complainers and will continue to be as long as the Property Owners have had their concerns disregarded and their voices eradicated.

We have an opportunity to address these complaints starting March 26 of this year. Dale (McGinnis), Gary (Gray) and I are committed to the Property Owners. Changes have to be made, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help and support and most importantly, your vote in order to do anything about the lack of honesty, morality and integrity we witness daily.

Use your ballot to tell the Board tyrannical governance is at an end.

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Gary Padilla
Gary Padilla

I voted for the three of you. I hope my vote is entered and counted. Any suggestion on how I can make sure that happens?