Important Announcement – LFHOG-OC

Lake Forest Home Owners’ Group – Organizing Committee

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t start this announcement without a huge vote of thanks and appreciation to George Kersey, Beth Hill, and Boyd Turner.   When we met in the back room of Pizza Hut in December 2018 we were 35 people that didn’t even know there was anything that we had to be concerned about.   The information and ideas they provided that night laid the foundation for where we are today; who knows what mess our POA would be in if it weren’t for their awareness and willingness to get people involved?

A core group of volunteers believed they could make a difference on behalf of the membership and, although the founding members have now taken a (much deserved) step back from day-to-day activities, we are pleased to announce that we have formally chartered the Lake Forest Home Owners’ Group Organizing Committee (LFHOG-OC)

Our vision and mission remains faithful to those laid down by our founders:

Who we are

An association of residents of Lake Forest, Daphne, Al., formed for the express purpose of impacting the direction of our community by advising and supporting our Elected Board of Directors.


A unified, family oriented, community involved organization, which identifies members wants and needs when deciding the direction of our community.

Mission Statement

To develop & support a group of informed residents that can run for the Board of Directors and, if elected, serve as an effective representative of the community.

Next Steps

The immediate objective of the LFHOG-OC, as the name suggests, is to organize and facilitate membership involvement in the changes and support that this POA desperately needs.   

Either through volunteering for the established POA sub-committees, or establishing “shadow” committees that act as watchdogs for the BOD’s activities, we need to return to being a member run association. 

We feel that there are two key aspects to this objective. 

1.  The use of the 1343 votes to overrule the membership must be rescinded and never used for anything other than establishing a quorum of the membership (thus allowing a democratic majority vote – one vote per member)

2.  The return to bylaws that give decision making power to the members, not the Board of Directors. 

Any discussion about the future of the Golf Club, Yacht Club, other amenities, amount of dues, special assessments, etc. should be put on hold until a true membership consensus of opinion is achieved  

It should be noted that we are not a board of directors and this is a somewhat informal charter in that there are no articles of incorporation or by-laws governing what we do.  It is just a group of volunteers that want what is best for our community.  Over the weeks and months to come we will be reaching out to volunteers to help us achieve this goal; we would love to hear from you if you want to play an active role in our mission. 

Our view is that we need to either change the way the current board works, or change the membership of the board .  We are willing to work with existing board members if it is done in a mutually beneficial and respectful way, which puts members rights and benefits first. If that is not possible, we will change the board by supporting and endorsing qualified volunteers for each round of elections until we have a board that truly represents the membership. 

Of course we as individuals have our own ideas about “what comes after we regain member control”.   Going forward if you see a post from us as named individuals, that is our personal opinion.  Anything posted from the LFHOG account has been approved by at least a super majority (66%) vote of the OC.

As a group we have made a substantial personal investment in our community. The sweat equity of our team of petition volunteers is clear to see, and our financial investment in making more people aware should become obvious around the same time this announcement is published.

Working Together

We look forward to working alongside you to take back our community and help develop Lake Forest into the legacy that the next generation of homeowners and residents can be proud of. 

If you would like to get involved with committee work, are interested in running for a board position in 2021 (2 places up for elections), or have a nomination for someone that you think would make a great board member, please email

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the kings2019
the kings2019

I would step up as a worker on a progress and improvements committee. Keep me posted on the meetings that may be upcoming!

lisa johnson
lisa johnson

we need a meeting together asap

Liz Wharton
Liz Wharton

I am so proud to be associated with this group. I think we’re on the right track here. Awesome Mission Statement!

Sabra Brown
Sabra Brown

Totally awesome!!!

lisa johnson
lisa johnson

This is great news and a positive force to be reckoned with. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
You all are some very smart cookies! And I would love to see all of you run for board positions.