Jesse Oswalt for BOD 2020

I have lived in Lake Forest since 1998 and as a property owner since 2001.  I am running for the Board of Directors of Lake Forest because I believe in this community and what it has to offer its residents.


  • Hospital Management of 45+ Technologist, Nurses and Physicians within the Cardiology Department
  • Consulted with equipment manufacturers developing and producing cardiology diagnostic equipment
  • Worked on various committees of the American College of Cardiology developing procedures, policies and protocols for the care of cardiac patients
  • Developed and managed 3.5 Million annual operational and capital budgets
  • Participated in multiple strategic and long-range planning committees
  • Finance Manager in automobile retail

I Stand for, and am committed to:

  • Opting into the Alabama Homeowners Act
  • Lowering Association dues
  • Open, two-way communications between residents and the Board
  • Total transparency of Board actions and Association financials
  • Returning the voice and right to vote on business of the Association to the Property Owners
  • Adopting and maintaining short-range, long-range goals and budgets regarding our amenities
  • Equitable enforcement of the covenants, ground rules and architectural guidelines
  • Democratic governance
  • Resident involvement in our standing committees
  • Introduction of Member Meetings

I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election.  This community belongs to the property owners which deserve a voice in its operations and destiny.  Please help me accomplish this.  If you need to contact me for any reason, e-mail me at or meet me on Facebook in the Lake Forest Home Owners Group.

You can also learn a little more about me and my thoughts for the POA.

Jesse E. Oswalt

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