Meet Dale McGinnis

A little about myself:

In my career I have been a land surveyor for the U.S. Forest Service, Material control for a precious metals’ reclaimer responsible for all the production records which included balancing the books insuring that each production runs output matched its input. I was also responsible for the accuracy of the million plus dollar inventory in the vault.

I was Assistant manager at a retail store and Quality control at a plant that made over 2 thousand pounds of burritos a day and worked in Inventory control for a 3rd party logistics company where among other duties was  extensive experience dealing with government regulations, specifically the regulations for shipping hazardous materials, including training and certifying others to handle and ship hazardous materials.

Also in my career I have been involved in many strategic planning programs and preparing business case proposals for capital expenditures.

On a personal level my wife and I moved to Lake Forest in June of 2017 but that is not our only tie to the community. We have a daughter who also owns a house here and is trying to adopt, so hopefully soon there will also be grandchildren here. We also have close friends who are kind of an extended family with four young boys who live next to our daughter. So I have a very vested interest in Lake Forest, not only for those who are older like myself, but also those with young families.

Lake Forest is a beautiful community with a lot to offer. Unfortunately there are also a lot of problems with the way the current board operates.

First, there is too much secrecy in our financials. We should not have to sign an NDA to see the financials. I am committed to having our POA join the Alabama Homeowners’ Association Act. Also, our financials should be posted at least quarterly on the Lake Forest website.

Second. Dues increases should be controlled by the residents, not the board. As the bylaws are currently written if four people on the board want to raise our dues there is nothing we can do about it. With that ability there is no incentive for them to be frugal with your money. And it is your money, not the POA’s and if I am on the board I will never forget that.

Third. Bylaw changes should also be voted on by the residents, not the board. Again, four people can change the bylaws to whatever they want. They have already used it to restrict our speech about what happens in the stated meetings. And, with their constant rewriting of the bylaws, there are contradictions and unintended consequences in them. I am committed to returning your free speech rights, cleaning up the unintended consequences and returning control of the bylaws to you.

Finally, there is very little trust in the board right now. That will only be restored when the board realizes they are there to serve the community. With that in mind I will always listen to you, give serious consideration to your ideas and answer all your questions as fully as I am able.

If you want change in the way the board operates please give me one of your votes. Together we can make a difference.

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