Meet Gary Gray


  • To maintain and increase each of our homeowner values.
  • To create an improved communication system with our fellow homeowners.
  • To create a strategic neighborhood plan to drive data-based decision making on all our amenities with immediate, short and long-range planning.
  • To thoroughly evaluate our budget increases with the goal of assessment reduction.


  • Leadership and management membership on a myriad of non-profit boards.       
  • Leadership and management on the college and university levels.
  • Participant in numerous strategic planning efforts.
  • Management of various multi-million-dollar budgets.
  • Ethical and value-driven responsibility with budgeted monies.


  • Commitment to the “servant leadership model” for the improvement of our neighborhoods.
  • Commitment to evaluate the relationship with our “hired” outside management firm.
  • Commitment to engage and sign any ethical statement for conflict of interest.
  • Commitment to engage our neighborhood input with the operation and leadership toward making Lake Forest a place for people to live and enjoy.

Please Vote!

I am asking for, and would appreciate, your support and vote for one of the three positions in the upcoming Board of Director’s election. You as a contributing homeowner have a wonderful opportunity to elect and fill three (3) board vacancies.

This is “OUR” neighborhood.

You are “OWED” a choice in the direction of our future.

If you have questions of me or would like a yard sign, please send me an email I will respond as quickly as possible.

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