Meet & Greet: Answers

The Board Election committee had provided the candidates with 4 questions to be addressed at the Meet & Greet.

ALL candidates were invited to send their answers to LFHOG for publication.

The responses can also be viewed side by side in this spreadsheet.

In your opinion, what is the function of the Board of Directors of the Lake Forest Property Owners Association?

Jesse Oswalt: To administer the management of the association, in harmony with the guidelines, bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Dale McGinnis: The function of the BOD is to devote itself to the improvement and civic betterment of the Lake Forest development, and in doing that oversee the management of the association, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Gary Gray: In my opinion, the Board of Directors’ function is to preserve home values and improve our neighborhood. This can be accomplished by eliciting input from the association members in regularly scheduled open meetings for questions and answers. Then enforcing covenants to maintain the beauty of Lake Forest.

Given the economic growth in Baldwin and Mobile counties, how would you promote Lake Forest as a community to benefit from the growth in this area?

Gary Gray: Lake Forest is centrally located on the Eastern Shore. The growth of Baldwin County, access to I-10, good schools, low property taxes, location close to Mobile Bay and the gulf beaches are enticements many have recognized and need to be touted.

Dale McGinnis: Lake Forest is ideally situated between Mobile, Pensacola, and the Gulf Shores beaches. The best promotion is having a board that respects and listens to the residents as well as having well maintained amenities and reasonable POA dues.
When I am on the board I will work with the residents and see that all amenities are maintained and run efficiently so that the dues do not continually increase.

Jesse Oswalt: Lake Forest is an affordable community conveniently situated geographically and is diverse – offering something for everyone and great schools. Working with local reality groups, the Association could promote a synergistic relationship and programs as well as incentives designed to promote Lake Forest to potential buyers.

If elected, are you willing to cooperate with Icon, specifically with Simon Coulls, Senior Vice-President, in their management of this Association and its amenities, to continue the progress that has been made during the past ten years.

Dale McGinnis: I will work with anyone that is working for the betterment of the community and that includes ICON and Simon Coulls. My whole reason for wanting to be on the board is to improve the community.

Jesse Oswalt: Certainly – After all, we have a contract with ICON.

Gary Gray: I am willing to work with the current management team.

What are your goals and objectives for our amenities, such as the yacht club, the golf course, the stables, pools, and the tennis program?

Jesse Oswalt: I will first need to have knowledge of our present operations, goals and objectives already in place. I will then be able to work with board members, with input from the Property Owners, for the most economic course for each of our amenities to become self-sustaining.

Gary Gray: Goals and objectives cannot be summarized in simple statements or through individual thoughts or ideas. The board needs to embrace and develop a strategic plan. The framework of the plan would be to examine all the amenities with focus groups and thoroughly evaluate the viability and future of each. This data driven evaluation would have inputs, in the development of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). The evaluation will provide immediate, short and long term planning coupled with budgetary decisions.

Dale McGinnis: My goal is not to close any of the amenities. I would like to see the Yacht Club and Golf course self-sustaining. To accomplish that goal, there will need to be a strategic study of the amenities and then with input from the homeowners I will work as a team with the other board members to establish the best possible path forward.

Thanks to all the candidates that took the time to provide LFHOG with their answers.

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