Meet Jesse Oswalt

I have been a Lake Forest Property Owner for 19 of the 21 years I have lived here.

Lake Forest is an affordable and convenient community, which enjoys a synergistic relationship with the City of Daphne, and we have a great school system.  

I have a son and grandsons who graduated high school in Daphne with a second grandson graduating In May. 

The military taught me respect and the importance of teamwork.  Honor, pride, loyalty and devotion became ingrained in me. My military and civilian career experience included being involved with numerous planning programs, developing evolving business models and creating protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by consulting with international equipment manufacturers to produce functional diagnostic equipment.  I have been responsible for developing and maintaining, capital and operational, annual budgets in excess of $3.5 Million. 

There are a few serious issues in common among residents that are important to me:

Trust.  I will work to re-establish communications between the board and the residents by promoting total transparency of Board actions and reporting of financials, and also by developing a format for residents to ask questions in open dialog.  I am also in favor of quarterly Member Meetings allowing residents to introduce motions/resolutions and vote on issues.  I am against the use of unannounced Special Meetings to discuss and enact the Association’s business.  Fiscal responsibility and accountability must be reinforced by opting in to the Alabama Homeowners’ Association Act. 

Communication. We live in a democracy, and democratic governance respects the voices of the people. I pledge to always listen to our membership and include them in the decision making process. 

Change.  I will work to return the right to vote on bylaws, dues increases and other business to our homeowners.  I believe the Board should serve at the pleasure of the community, and our members deserve the right to have a voice in the development of our amenities and future plans.

Finally.  I have not kept my concerns a secret from the Board and you shouldn’t either.  Use your ballot, not the proxy, to let the Board know of your desire for change.  To learn more about me or any of my fellow candidates, I invite you to go to  There you will have access to more information about me, our other candidates, and our stand on the issues. 

Join the Lake Forest Home Owners Group on Facebook.  There are over 800 property owners engaged in open discussions of the issues concerning our residents.  Think of the Lake Forest Home Owners Group as your unofficial Oversight Committee.

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