Open Letter to Mr. Lake

This was also sent to Mr. Lake’s email.

LFHOG OC’s attempts to include all candidates.

Mr. Lake,

I understand that you feel the LFHOG OC were not inclusive in our attempts to provide candidate information to the members.

Please see below a timeline which not only clearly demonstrates that we made every effort possible, but that the board election committee sent a note to the candidates telling them about our questionnaire.  For any of them to say they were unaware of the questionnaire, or that they had not received it, or that we have not made every effort to contact them, is disingenuous.

I can forward copies of any/all emails if you require further evidence.

January 27th 2020 

Attempts to confirm correct email addresses:

  • Messrs. McGinnis, Oswalt, Gray, and Winners provided confirmation that I had the correct address. (I had previous email correspondence with them all but wanted to get an official confirmation that the email I had on file was correct).
  • Emails to Ms. Phelps and Mr. Boyles were sent to the email addresses published in the Lake Forester.
  • I tried through 3 different outlets to contact Ms. Gray and finally received a return Instant Message with confirmation of her email address.
  • Mr. Wright’s email was not readily available therefore I contacted his wife via Facebook and she provided me with a good email address for him.
  • Mr. Godfrey also provided his email address.

January 29th 2020

Questionnaire sent.

The questionnaire was emailed to all 9 candidates at the email addresses provided or as published in the Lake Forester.

The questionnaire was sent with the following cover letter:

Dear candidate for the Lake Forest POA board of directors,

The Lake Forest Home Owners’ Group consists of over 800 residents that are concerned about the running of the POA, and the upkeep & future of the neighborhood.  Communication in the group is via our website at, email lists, and Social Media sites such as Facebook and NextDoor.

We feel that the use of the Lake Forester by the current board gives an unfair advantage to incumbents and we are interested in ensuring each candidate is given equal opportunity to answer the questions that matter most to our group.

If you would like to take this opportunity to reach a large number of actively involved residents, please complete the questionnaire and return it to by 5pm (Central) on February 7th, 2020.  All replies that have been received will be published on; please note that any replies or updates received after this deadline will not be considered for publication.  Any questions not answered will be marked as “declined to respond”.

Your responses in their entirety will be published as a standalone web page, plus the responses from all candidates will be published in a comparison matrix to allow members the opportunity to compare the candidates on specific topics.  The web pages will be publicly visible, and you will be free to link to them from your own social media accounts, email blasts, etc.

Any negative comments about other candidates, as well as any attempt to answer a question that wasn’t asked, or grandstanding, will be removed.  Simple answers to pertinent questions please!

Thank you for your commitment to making our neighborhood a better place for all residents.

*Please note these questions are not in any order of priority or importance, just the order they were submitted by the members of LFHOG.

January 30th, 2020

Email sent from the election chair, signed by the President.

It should be noted that the email from the President was only sent to 8 candidates – the email address for Mr. Oswalt was incorrect and he never received the message.

From: Mary Ann Hampton
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2020 3:05 PM
To: Mark Boyles; Victoria Phelps; Eve Gray; Carl Winners; Wesley Wright; Alex Godfrey;  Gary Gray; Dale McGinnis.
Cc: Mark Boyles; Victoria Phelps; Ed Kirby; David Dueitt; James Morgan; Mary Ann Hampton; John Lake; GM; Simon Coulls.
Subject: Questions presented to Candidates by LFHOG

LFPOA Board Candidates,

It has come to the Board’s attention that the Lake Forest Homeowners Group has sent a questionnaire to LFPOA board candidates.  I, John Lake, as President of the LFPOA Board, have requested that the following email be sent to you on behalf of the Board:

Please be informed that this is not a Board-endorsed questionnaire, and you are not compelled to respond.  Whether or not you answer the questions has no bearing on your status as a candidate.

The official Candidates Forum will be held on Monday, February 10, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Yacht Club.

Thank you.

John Lake, President

Board of Director

Lake Forest Property Owners Association

February 7th, 2020

Publication of answers.

At 5pm on Friday February 7th the responses were published.  Three candidates provided answers, the other 6 were marked as “declined to respond”.

February 8th, 2020

Board mandated questions.

The following email was sent to all 9 candidates:

The LFHOG would like to extend an invitation for you to have your answers to the 4 meet and greet questions to be published online to allow members who are unable attend the M&G chance to review the answers from all candidates. 

Three candidates provided their answers.  A fourth, Mr Winners, said that he wanted his published but then declined to send them.

February 10th, 2020

Mark Boyles email.

After the meet and greet a member of the LFHOG OC was talking to Mr. Boyles and it transpired that his email address had been printed incorrectly in the Lake Forester.  Mr. Boyles provided a correct address and the questionnaire and “4 answers offer” were sent to him with an extended deadline.

February 17th, 2020

Mr. Boyles replied (copying the President and the Elections Chair) saying that he declined to answer the questionnaire.


All board members and candidates are welcome to register on the website and engage in communication with the membership.  This web site, including forum and open comments, was created as there is clearly a gap in the interactive communication between the official channels and the members. 

 “Unauthorized” Website

On February 9th, 2020 you used the POA mailing list to send an eblast saying that LFHOG is an unauthorized web site:

You say that “The unauthorized website endorses three candidates but unfairly omits any mention of the other six in the contest.”  You then list 6 candidates names and deliberately omit three.

Please note that while we may be “unofficial” we are not “unauthorized”.  We do not require anyone’s authority for the existence of the website and Facebook group.

Hopefully, from reading the above, you will agree that that the LFHOG OC has gone above and beyond to provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to engage with a large group of residents

I ask you to send another email blast correcting the “unauthorized” statement, list all 9 candidates, and issue an apology to the members of the LFHOG OC.

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Thank you so much for posting this. It shows how much we of LFHOG have gone above and beyond including all candidates and points of view. #LFHOG #LAKEFORESTDAPHNE