Opinions vs Facts

The following comment was originally posted on the LFHOG Facebook page and is reproduced here by kind permission of the author Ms. Kim Browning:

Have you ever noticed when you have an opinion that does not align with someone they tend to view your opinion negatively?

They even go as far as calling you a negative name, such as a complainer. It is a shame they have such insecurities to cause them to display defensive attitudes. If people would not hold such an obdurate position and be open minded can you imagine what an amazing neighborhood we could have. If people would not hold their agendas in such high regard that they cannot hear others ideas they would not need to go on the defensive when others asked questions.

It seems sinister people are not afraid of opinions, but they are definitely afraid of facts. Facts hold truth and dictators hate truth. Truth undermines agendas, especially hidden agendas. If one is confident in their opinions and builds those opinions on facts there is no reason to take action against someone with an opposing position.

This group (LFHOG) was started because we wanted our rights back and we wanted answers. We have poured over bylaws past and present, minutes past and present, Lake Foresters past and present, public records past and present. We have been “doers” getting a very large petition together to save our rights, informing other property owners of facts to answer unanswered questions, working for open communication by continually attending meetings and emailing board members. As far as I can tell there is a number of people who do not believe this group is working to get property owners rights back or those people do not want rights back in the hands of property owners. Hmmm, odd.

I may disagree with you, but I would defend to the death your right to have that opinion.

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