Since the Concerned Residents of Lake Forest Facebook Group stated on 9th December 2018 there have been many suggestions on what should be done with our amenities. Working on the assumption that one person may not have all the right answers, or answers that all the community can get behind, here is your opportunity to air your ideas and get constructive feedback from your neighbors.

Maybe there is a great plan out there in someone’s mind that just needs a little fine tuning and the backing of a couple of thousand like minded people!

Send your ideas to If you prefer they will be published anonymously so that opinions and feedback aren’t swayed by whose idea it is.

Please remember to be as constructive and strategic as possible in your submissions:

Bad Example:

Sell the Yacht Club, I never go there.

Good Example:

Allocate a $150,000 budget from the Building Fund to repair and refurbish the Yacht Club before June 2019. Advertise day memberships to residents in Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Fairhope. Ensure management and staff are given the remit to run the club as a self-sustaining business stream within 3 years. If successful, any “profit” would be transferred to the Building Fund (until the $150,000 was paid back) and thereafter divided between funding on going maintenance and reducing dues. If not self-sustaining in 3 years sell the YC as a going concern.


Chose which amenity you would like to address and make it the subject of the email to

  • Yacht Club
  • Golf Club/Course
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Stables
  • Others